Shake Hands



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

8 thoughts on “Shake Hands”

  1. No altering buddy… The shuttle has been repainted with these people shaking hands… and they did some other weird stuff to it. Remember a few years ago during xmas when they brought out the old trains for the shuttle – this is sort of like that but instead of the old trains, they did these paintings… pretty surreal.

  2. What is that behind Miss Sourpuss? Is that a framed piece of photographic art on the subway? There you go, Mr. Beckerman, what better venue for you and your work!?

  3. Way too corporate for me. I can imagine another sort of joining of subway door couples that would hold much more appeal. Which reminds me, my wife just returned from Sedona with tons of beautiful photos. She says she experienced lots of vortexes. Vortex videos with mystical flute music at my website.

  4. OT: I am sure you probably are, but are you familiar with Roy DeCarava’s work? I was just looking at a series of photos of his taken in Harlem, and thought of you, and that you would likely appreciate them.

  5. If there’s one thing that deep down inside we all wish for, it’s a warm, heartfelt greeting from a close friend – someone who knows and loves us. To me, this image expresses this desire juxtaposed with reality – we all live lives that are physically very close but are very distant from one another emotionally and relationally.

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