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Matt showing me some of his work – recent and not so recent.  I’m a pretty tough sell when it comes to viewing other people’s work, and I’m equally tough on myself, but Matt always knocks me out with a few images.  I saw a few today that were so iconic – they could easily be made into stamps, or shown at the fanciest museum in town.  And I can harp on the point about photography lessons, but I’m sure that he could never teach the important part of what he does.

Anyway, sometimes when I’m daydreaming I pretend that I’m a philanthropist – and that I get to spend my life searching for unrecognized artists.  They don’t even have to apply for a grant, I would find them somehow and magically transform their lives by not only giving them as much money as they need, but more importantly by introducing them to the people who can give you the super leg up.  What a great job that would be.  I think there was a t.v. show in the 50’s that was sort of like that.  No, not queen for a day – but a guy with a lot of loot that would simply find worthy people and give them money.  Sometimes it’d help ’em – and sometimes not so much.  It may have been Gene Barry…

But don’t you think that would be a great way to spend one’s life?

Well all I can do is give my friend a little BUMP.  CHECK HIM  OUT ON FLICKR.


And yes – he is still a film guy.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “Matt Weber”

  1. I’d like to meet this legendary Matt one day, but I fear it will be like meeting all legends – a chasm between the myth and reality. Instead, I’d like to purchase one of his exposed, undeveloped rolls of films with complete rights to the prints.

  2. Lester, you also have become a legend of sorts…Part Bob Dylan and part Lenny Bruce. We can never live up to the myth, but it’s still nice to bask in the glory, even if it’s only imaginary…

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