Cat and Missile

On the way back from a trip to Costco in NJ, Matt and I stopped by a submarine museum which was closed; but there were ferral cats around and I spent a fair amount of time photographing the cats, while Matt talked with an 86 year old guy who had been a submariner during WWII.  We got lots of stories from him, most of which I’ve forgotten, but I usually return from Jersey with this idea of an undiscovered country.  The submarine museum which has missiles, a Japanese kamakazie one man submarine, and  of course a submarine, has a tiny sign pointing to it that even if you were looking for it you might miss, and an office with flags that was closed, and which didn’t say when it would be open.

Feral Cat and Missile


Feral Cat



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “Cat and Missile”

  1. It twas a fun trip to Jersey! I guess I’m glad you didn’t capture my crash back to Mother Earth, but somehow I came out of it unscathed. My love for “ferals” didn’t let me get as close as your 1200 mm lens. What did you think you were shooting, a Siberian Tiger?

    The USS LING is only open on weekends…

  2. The submariner’s name was Sam and he was on the USS SKATE 305 which if you google it, was historically, quite a noteworthy submarine…

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