Flying Tourists

Another lesson under my belt – they all seem to be on Saturdays – and they have been pleasant for me and hopefully for the person who gets to follow me around and hear me try and explain what and why I’m doing.


This was funny because I absolutely missed the first two times they did this jump from the Bethesda Fountain – my back being towards them – and I hope the R. got a good shot of them as well. Yes, what I see is that there are some technical things I do that surprise each student – usually something that can be picked up in a few minutes or less – but it is really all in the “idea” and the process that runs through the photographers mind that is way more important than the technical calculations.

I did bring the tripod today because R. thought it might be useful for scenic stuff, and it was raining and all that – so maybe it came in handy towards the end of the lesson when it did begin to rain – but it’s mostly something that I find getting in my way most of the time. That too is a long way from where I started.
But we know that already. As I say, I got a few more blog-worthy shots – so stay tuned.


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