I know I haven’t done much photography lately – but on the other hand what I have done is keeping me in corn flakes.  I just licensed another picture for a very prestigious journal (will say what it is when the deal is done) and will be featured with big (though of course dead) photographers.

But that’s not what I sat down to write.  I had a question for anyone with a Kindle out there.  The ebook-house.com site I’m building is based on epub format.  So can you download an epub book (everything is free for now) and have it converted for the Kindle?  Or do I really have to supply a separate Kindle format file for each book.  That’s a pain, since there should really be one universal format for the readers and Kindle is like the only ones who aren’t reading epub right now.

In short – it’s been very busy.  I now have three more photo lessons booked (usually these end up being Saturday morning); and I do enjoy the one-on-one lessons, which is when I do most of my shooting these days; and I’m spending a lot of time matting and printing and all that; and whatever time is left goes to the ebook site.  I still haven’t decided on the final name for it, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be something to do with mystery or detectives or shamus’ or sleuths etc.

And I came across that Google (gview) document reader, which is pretty cool since now I can put whatever into a PDF format, and even if the user doesn’t have the correct plugin for PDFs it can be read (and in a better way than PDFs in browsers which I hate).

The really cool thing is that I can scan stuff from some of the books I’ve been published in, and not only turn them into an ebook, but post it here for your reading pleasure.

Oh – random quotes.  While I was working on the ebook site, I came across a great plugin for displaying random quotes – I don’t remember what it was but now I’ve gone through the web searching for detective writer quotes.  This is one of my favorites so far:

“It is ridiculous to set a detective story in New York City. New York City is itself a detective story.”
by Agatha Christie

The site: ebook-house.com


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

6 thoughts on “apologies”

  1. Long dead photographers – I only mention their long ago deaths because as a rule the only famous photographers are dead. I’ll be in an Ivy league journal with Atget and HCB.

    More Nero Wolfe is on the way. I will prosper if someone would visit one of my sponsors at the book site once in a while.

  2. I don’t have a Kindle but, I recently read about a piece of software called Savory, it runs natively on Kindle 2. It can convert .pdf and .epub files to a format supported by the Kindle 2.

  3. Dave,

    I use a freeware application called Stanza to convert .pdf, .doc and other file formats for reading on the Kindle. Works like a charm. I use a Mac version…. don’t know if a Windows version exists as well.


  4. Yep. I even have a link on the site ebook-house.com to the Stanza software. What I don’t know is whether I need to also have the files in PDF format (which I dislike because of the size); for Kindle readers who don’t know how to convert the epub to the kindle. I’ve been going back and forth about that.

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