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I ended up getting a good price on the Epson Exhibition paper so I bought two boxes at the 24 x 30 inch size.  The only prob. is that I didn’t realize how big they’d be, which is to say that I have no idea where to store ’em.  In the old days, I might have stored them up in the loft but the cat has made it his own, and there’s no way to store anything valuable up there.  There are tons of places to store them vertically, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea.

I basically got tired of uncurling the big roll paper; and as I say, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Anyway – I’ll figure it out.  Other than the lessons (I have another one scheduled for this weekend) – I’ve just been printing, packaging, and working on the ebook site.  No, the ebook site (I keep changing the name, now it’s ebook-detective) hasn’t really made a dime, but every day it is found by more and more people which is all I’m working on at this point – that and getting a good core of detective stories up there.

I’ve gotten the whole scanning and OCR thing down to a science now and can scan a small 200 page book (two pages at once) in about an hour or so.  Then another hour or more to clean it up.  My plan is to give it a year before I can really evaluate whether it was worth the effort or not.  Oh – the site is:

The thing is – it isn’t all drone work.  I get to proof the books before they get posted; and there’s a bunch of new technology to keep me busy, such as ways to convert text files into readable books for browsers.

So there you have it.  Let me see where I can store the photo paper, and find some printed paper to scan.


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