B.S. from Advertising Companies

Insurance Company Logic.

Insurance Company A has claims that people who switched from B to A saved an average of $500.

Insurance Company B claims that people who switched from A to B saved an average of $500.

Considering that Insurance Companies are run on statistics, these sorts of claims are true, but misleading.  The important phrase is “people who switched.”

People switched from one to the other precisely because they could save $500.  You are pretending to compare prices, but you are comparing prices of people who switched, and that is flawed.  Maybe one person switched and 5 million people didn’t switch.

This is the state of advertising logic nowadays.  And maybe it always was.


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One thought on “B.S. from Advertising Companies”

  1. If A and B are health insurance companies, the cheaper option will correlate with a higher mortality rate. When thriftiness becomes fatal, the insurance companies will be touting their more expensive coverage with slogans such as “Pay more, stay more.”

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