Domino Sugar


Still going through the shots from the Circle Line… I really did shoot a lot of tourist shots that day, and since at heart I am a tourist, it all works out. Or to put it differently, I’m a tourist who doesn’t go on many tours. Maybe you don’t know what I mean, but I’m pretty sure I do. In other words, wouldn’t it be great to take off and bring the infrared camera to somewhere that it hasn’t been used before. Actually, that was my idea for using it on the Circle Line – and that idea of using equipment in new locations – well that goes back a while.

Same thing I tried to do, no that I did, when I brought the view camera down into the subway car. Let’s take cameras that are usually used for one thing (nature) and use them somewhere else, urban location. It


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Both. The boat is moving pretty fast; I need to open up at least two stops since I’m shooting infrared and buildings aren’t going to be exactly glowing; and I’m with the 300mm (though it has IS) etc. etc. and I have about one second or less to take a shot which will be directly perpendicular to the shore; and then I’m past it and there will be an angle (which could be okay, but not what I wanted) and I’m standing on a piece of coiled rope so that I can get in the right place, and thinking about whether I should cushion the lens with my elbow on the bow or if there’s more vibrations coming up that might make it worse, and what if anything can I do with the subject? So a lot is going through my mind, and the main decision made here was where to place the stack… in this case I go for the middle… then the bits of the picture that I like will be in it. All flitting through my mind in much less time than it takes to write this, plus there’s something else coming up on the other side of the boat and there’s a guy in my way… I’m shooting between two heads, both of which are just about brushing up against the lens…

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