Robert Frank at the Met.

Newborn American
Newborn American

Of course you aren’t allowed to take any pictures at the Metropolitan Museum’s exhibit of Robert Frank’s prints from the Americans.  And although I was admonished a few times by various guards – it was just a cat and mouse game.  If you visit the shrine of the street photographer, you should take pictures there.  It’s the appropriate thing to do.

And sure, the exhibit was great – and expansive – and much too much for one walk through.  That’s Matt Weber by the no-camera sign.  The subtitle, from what I could tell was something like “black and white things.”  Extensive.  There was the hand-made book (a MAQUETTE) of The Americans, proofs, contact sheets etc.  It was one of the better photography exhibits at the Met, maybe the best one I’ve been to.  And I will go back at least one more time.


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3 thoughts on “Robert Frank at the Met.”

  1. Oh, man, I’m salivating to see this show, and even more so with your all-too-brief mentions. I’m gonna be in NYC Wednesday, and I’m very tempted to stay an extra day and see it. Oh, man.

  2. Just saw this show. Fantastic.

    It was particularly interesting to see how he put together his book–his selection process (from something like 760-odd rolls of film down to 87 photos in the final book), his crops, how he sequenced the shots into a cohesive narrative. Really brilliant stuff.

    It was a real treat to see some of his contact sheets. In some cases took a few shots of the same scene pull out the one he was imagining; in others, he just literally aimed from the hip.

    Very inspiring exhibit.

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