e-book update (Sony PRS 505)

If you’ve been following the blog (uhm some part of my life) for a while, you might remember that a while back I bought the Sony PRS 505 e-book.  That took me down some roads that were interesting (other than the reading) and I was mulling around a site that would specialize in free or inexpensive  e-books that I like.  Yes, that I like.  Though it would also have some ebook articles as well.

And yes, there are sites like this – but I have some new ideas I’m going to throw in and of course it will have (unlike this site) advertising, and let’s see if that pays for itself or turns a profit.

Anyway – last night I bought the domain name and paid for hosting on another server at ServInt (can’t say enough good things about them if you’re looking for managed VPS) – and so I’ll be working on this other site for a while.

At the time, I questioned how much use I would get from the e-book, and whether it would just be another gadget left on a shelf.

Many books later, I can tell you that it has given me a great deal of pleasure.  Yes, the same sort I had as a kid when I could curl up with a good book.


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3 thoughts on “e-book update (Sony PRS 505)”

  1. Interesting ideas, I am myself looking into e-reader for couple of month. Especially looking at BeBook (http://mybebook.com/) and its mini version.

    Rather surprising was for me that e-book versions of the new books are mostly for the same price. Somehow I expected lower price 😉

  2. Richo,
    Yes. Prices for new books are just about as high as for physical books. I expect that as there is more competition this will change.

    I haven’t yet bought a book. I’m still catching up with my favorite books from the previous 10 centuries or so 🙂 Only about a million more to go.

    I don’t know why, but the bebook seems to be more popular in Europe. But unless there’s something special about it for europeans (I don’t think Kindle works there) I would go for the SONY 505 or at least FEEL them both before choosing. Don’t just go by specs.

    Also, when you do get your book, make sure to download calibre (ebook software). Fantastic program for moving and organizing ebooks. I use it with my Sony all the time.

  3. Dave, bebook is the same az ez-reader in US (http://www.astak.com/product.asp?serial=05EZBLK) and both are just different OEM of Jinke model (http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/Hanlin_eBook)

    Problem here in my surroundings is that you actually can not see these things. You can buy them on internet but not in real shop, so I can not see them before I buy.

    I like 5″ bebook mini (ez reader pro)(http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/Bebook_mini)

    but I have no experience with these devices Dave, never had one in hand. Actually I did PRS-505 in shop in Belgium but batter was dead and nobody around could do anything about it.

    But I am very inclined to have and use one as I am reading a lot on my pda.

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