Pearl Street

Sometimes things end up in the blog or the store because someone contacts me and says something like, do you have any shots of Brooklyn?  No, not the bridge or Coney Island.  Anything else?  No, that’s too abstract.  Nothing with people in it.  But something that says, Brooklyn.


In the meantime – it’s been a busy few days.  Looks like I may end up in another documentary about a well-known street photographer.  Maybe.  Some inquiries for photography lessons and two new students signed up.  And since I put up the sale thing – a few sales.  There’s also a big project in the works, which if it happens will get me through to the end of the  year.  But of course I can’t talk about that unless it happens.

I did have an idea for a new sort of  blog – an anonymous blog where any photographer could post but would be anonymous – both from the anonymous moderator and through emails, etc.  I’ve always wanted to do something like that since most professionals can’t really talk about what’s going on for fear of offending someone — and actually – it’s a good idea for any sort of subject.  A completely anonymous but moderated (anonymously) blog.  Is it possible to do such a thing?  Have you ever seen one?  As far as whether the anonymous poster would be recognized or not – that would be up to their posts, but the moderator would try and make sure that nothing that might identify the poster was in the post.  Funny thing is that this exists and has existed for a long time.  It’s called a complaint box.  You drop an unsigned piece of paper into it and someone reads it, or throws it away.  But it’s actually harder to do on the web.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

7 thoughts on “Pearl Street”

  1. I have not seen one, but would love to participate. It would probably take a lot of time to set up and more time to monitor. Does anyone really have that amount of time to invest, besides running their own business, oh and lets not forget getting out there to shoot?

  2. Interesting idea Dave. Did you had it in mind only for writings or also for photos?

    Should not be difficult to make with wordpress, people can register you approved them and they can register under the nicknames they like…

    You should try it 😉

  3. As soon as it involves emails for registration than it is no longer anonymous. Both wordpress and tumblelog require email registration which can always be traced back.

    I was wondering if a truly anonymous group where the moderator doesn’t know the participants other than by nickname is possible.

    The only compromise I can think of is that the poster will have to use an anonymous account, sort of – like hotmail – with nothing to give away who they are in the name. I don’t want to know who you are – and it won’t be necessary to ask permission. Anyone who registers with an anonymous – sort of – email can post, but they will be moderated by me. I don’t know if photos should / would be allowed. They are more difficult to determine if they’re giving anything away as to the identity of the poster.

  4. I couldn’t. I don’t think you can get who an IP is linked to unless you got some sort of warrant to track them through their cable provider. In other words, they’d have to make some sort of terrorist threat or something – and if they did that – I wouldn’t allow it to be posted.

    Cookies are another story and depend on the blogging program and what it’s storing, and whether or not the person who’s doing the posting is properly protected.

  5. “As soon as it involves emails for registration than it is no longer anonymous. ”

    It’s anonymous for everyone but the person who set up the blog — so what. Tumblr easily handles that.

    If you don’t want control then why do you care if someoene lists their name or not? Set up a Flickr group then and anyone who wants to be anonymous will post with a nickname, anyone else won’t.

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