Pre – Race for the Cure

Nets Cheerleaders



Cyndi Lauper, waiting to be interviewed.


Judge Judy


Stephen Colbert says hi to Judge Judy


Stephen Cracks up Channel 2 Reporter


Cyndi Interview


Cyndi Giving the Press What They Want


Central Park West, A Few Minutes Before the Race



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “Pre – Race for the Cure”

  1. It’s really interesting seeing celebrities in revealing sunlight and without tons of make-up. They are wonderfully human looking. In our culture, the wrinkles and sagging skin that are the signs of aging have to be erased, especially when one is projecting a public image. How rare is it to see elderly or elderly looking people on television? Even in commercials geared to aging baby-boomers, the actors are impossibly well-preserved. I applaud Stephen Colbert, Cyndi Lauper, and Judge Judy for descending into the real world for a good cause and subjecting themselves to the cold, hard lens of Beckerman’s camera. I also thank the Nets cheerleaders for reminding me that even in my prime I could never have been in their league.

  2. As someone who is in the right age bracket to have wirtnessed her rise to ‘stardom,’, I’d like to state publicly that there is no way I’d have ever thought Ms. Lauper to be a performer from that era to demonstrate staying power and musical maturity, yet she has displayed both in abundance. Good for her that’s she’s still performing new work and doing what she so clearly loves to do.

  3. I agree. If you only know her from her big early hits – you’re missing something. She’s a very talented singer. I had my eyes closed and was leaning against a tree while she sang the required national anthem – and it was a original and moving rendition. A small voice at first, and a noisy crowd, but as she continued, they too fell into a sort of quiet trance and gave her a big hand when she finished. Bravo.

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