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Customers often think that I can just go out to a particular building and get a great shot of it.  Unlike people, buildings don’t smile or pose in a certain way.  You only have a few things to work with: the lighting, the weather, and whatever you can come up with in terms of the usual things like angle of view, focal length, etc.

This shot was taken on one of these so-called assignments.  And the customer ended up buying it.  I also did some shots of the formal gardens because the customer was married there and those ended up being sold.  But I’ve also had at least ten times when I’ve gone out on spec to shoot a building, with no sale.  But I only take these assignments because they are a challenge.  They get me thinking about what you could do with a particular building.  Where would be the best place to shoot it from.  What time of day, etc.  And if you send me out on one of these assignments, odds are that I’ll return with a good shot of something else.  So there’s no real harm in it.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.