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I know – the sidebar is gone.  I’m using this blog to test changes made to the theme I’m using in the store.  One problem with using the bought theme is that they are making updates to it, which are improvements.  The top navigation is much easier to use (auto drop down or pin it if you want) – but I’ve made my own changes to the code in the meantime.  Once a programmer, always a programmer.

Really like the look of this single column without the sidebar.  Question is, will people find the widgets on the bottom or the navigation on the top.  Well, I’ll give you all a chance.  And will put some navigation on the home page (that is an oversite with the graphpress people who designed the theme) – I think.

As far as ServInt goes (the new host) I give them 10 out of 10 so far.  Both for support, and for how fast this is to work with compared to the old host.  When I say fast, I don’t only mean the stuff you see, but stuff like doing uploads (ftp) and working in the wordpress administration area.  Sometimes the ftp upload is so fast, that I need to check the result box in dreamweaver just to see that it actually happened.

Another thing I noticed, is that when I switched to the new host, my position in google went up.  First, making the server more reliable can’t hurt, and second, for all I know they give you points for being able to crawl the site faster.  And then there’s the whole Alexa experiment that I began a few weeks ago.  My Alexa number has dropped from the 600,000’s to the 300,000’s.  (You won’t see that for a while in the Alexa badge which is cached) but if you have Alexa toolbar installed and search for my site, you’ll see how google sees the current Alexa rank.

And on top of that – the weather in New York is finely nice.  Ah – money may be tight – but life – life she is good right now.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.