Replacement Cutter Blade for Epson 7800


It helps to read the Epson manual.  Turns out that you can press a few buttons on the control panel and it will either print out, or show you the status of all the printer parts.  Turns out that according to the firmware, there’s nothing wrong with the cutter.  So – either the blade has become dull and somehow it senses that; or it’s not seated correctly (how did that happen); or there’s a software setting that I was using (platen gap, paper thickness etc.) that’s off.  I’ll have to experiment with it more carefully tomorrow.

Now here’s something that I haven’t run into before.  The automatic cutting blade mechanism on the Epson 7800 refuses to cut.  It wants me to open the front panel and replace the blade.  However, when I look up the automatic blade cutter gizmo which is a tiny little blade at the end of a spring, it costs about $99.

Now, how does it know that the blade needs to be replaced?  Is that normal, or is it just not seated correctly?  Also, if it is just based on an internal counter, how come I can’t fool it by taking out the mechanism and then sticking it back in – which is what I did several times.  I think it isn’t in right.

As a last resort, as I had to get some prints out yesterday, I set it to replace the blade, but just pressed the blade down and manually cut the paper which worked okay.  But I’ll have to do some research into this.  Don’t want to buy a new gizmo only to find that this one is just not seated correctly.

Also, seems like you can use the same auto cutter from the 4800 and put it in the 7800.  I may try that later.

There’s also a manual cutter, which is a totally different device that you use for cutting through heavier paper.  That’s also in the $99 range.  Egads.

Oh – if you want to see what this object looks like — here ya go.


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