Empire State Building – Top


Photograph of Empire State Building (top) available in my store: Empire State Building Top in black and white and also in color version of the landmark

Remember the other day I was talking about the tops of skyscrapers – and how they were the most interesting part of the building…

Hi Dave,

I wanted to tell you that I received my photograph of the top of the Empire State Building today and really love it…its awesome! I love this view because it focuses on the top of the building and the tower, which for some reason—at least for me—provides a sense of height you couldn’t get from a photograph of the entire edifice.

I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoy perusing your website.All of your photographs are lovely—your work is great.

Thank you so much for making this print. It will make a lovely addition to my apartment and bring a little bit of the Big Apple into my Boston home.




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