Dog Portrait

In terms of favorite animal subjects, I’d probably like to photograph cats, dogs and horses.  Horses I haven’t done at all, but I have my plans…


When I have nothing better to do, I stop by the place on second avenue where they babysit the neighborhood dogs during the day while the owners are off making money.  Sometimes I can hang out by the window for a half-hour before I’m chased away.  Sometimes less.  For the most part, whether I’m photographing buildings, people, or just about anything where I’m hanging around for a while, I am always chased away by someone.  On the other hand, if all I’m doing is taking quick snaps as I roam around, then I generally don’t have a problem.

Well what the hell, I’m going to file this under street portraits. Who says portraits are only of homo sapiens. Frankly, after a bunch of stuff that’s been going on with the family – and how it effects me in terms of worrying about the future, and dwelling on the past, I think we can learn a lot from these critters. Probably more than we can learn from our own ancients in terms of living in the present.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Amazing! I was having the exact same thoughts today, walking the dog with the family at the park. We are going through some crises right now and I thought we could all take a lesson from our black lab, whose only concern was to investigate the variety of scents he encountered along the way. He was intensely excited to be out at the park, while we all trapped in our somber thoughts.

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