Class Trip

And here we have statues that were made in the year blah blah blah…  this is really getting boring…  I wish I could go somewhere and text my best friend about this cuz its a yawn but maybe it’s better than being stuck in school… but what’s she saying… better wake up they might quiz us about this… (or write your own internal dialogue)


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Class Trip”

  1. I took my history classes to the Met several times. The last time, the boys decided that it would be more fun throwing pencils down from the second floor of the American wing to their classmates on the first floor than looking at rooms full of old furniture. The head of security approached and asked who their teacher was and I had to admit it was me. He told me that we all had to leave and that my school was no longer permitted to visit the museum. With the renovation of the American wing (Michelle Obama was at the inauguration a couple of months ago), they put glass all aroung the second floor so that school boys can no longer throw pencils down below. I wonder if they’ll let my school go back now.

  2. Oh how bored they are. Art is for adults. Don’t expose high schoolers to this statuary. Wait until they are at least of the same age as what is depicted in the statues.

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