Lesters Dad (song and 8mm clips)

From Les’ blog. I think Tom Waits would be perfect to record this.

Over the years, and I mean going back to when we shared an apartment in our 20’s, Andy and I wrote tons of songs, both on our own and together.  Even a few years ago the urge resurfaced and we spent a lot of time working with a synth and drum machine and software to do the arrangements with.  But somehow, compared to my photography endeavors, nothing ever happened with the songs.

I had a feeling with photography about how to get it seen, even early on when I first approached galleries.  You could take a portfolio and make the rounds.  And the photographs, the prints, they were finished products.  You didn’t need much imagination to like or dislike them.  Whereas in the age of singer/songwriter, it wasn’t that feasible to keep saying, “can you imagine this with so-and-so singing it. ”

Maybe there was a way, but without putting together a band with singers and musicians, you couldn’t just say to people, listen to this song and let them use their imagination in terms of what could be done with a good singer and arranger.  So that was the difference.

I think that if I had been able to perform my own music (I never had a pleasing voice, though I guess that didn’t stop some songwriters) but I also couldn’t get up in front of an audience and sing.  It was always too scary for me and still would be.

So that’s another difference.  As a photographer, you wander around and do your thing, but you aren’t a performer, and you don’t need to produce much more than a bunch of good prints.  To make it as a songwriter today — that seems to require more than just an ability to write songs.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. Matt, my father got funnier as he aged. I think his best line was his description of my favorite artist, Bob Dylan. He said, “Bob Dylan? I can’t even listen to that guy. He sounds like a sheep caught in barbed wire.”

  2. Dave,

    I love your new website and the singing! This is precious.

    Now, that I have had a moment to breathe, I am really enjoying exploring your site.

    That is a funny line about Bob Dylan! And, BTW, you can sing!!!

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