Metropolitan Museum Infrared


On the way to meet the film crew, I took this “throw away shot.” By throw away, I mean that I’ve done it many times before, since it’s the only angle I’ve found to show the whole museum, and went on to do my stuff at the zoo. This turns out to be the my best shot of the museum. In other words, I’ve gone at night to shoot it; on rainy days, at noon, with wider lenses, etc. and the contrast / texture in this shot because of the infrared effect which most people wouldn’t notice if I didn’t say it was infrared seems to have finally done the trick.

And of course there were always other issues. For a long time various parts of the exterior had scaffolding, or there weren’t enough people on the steps, or too many cars in the way… but it fits in with my idea that it is on the way to where I’m going rather than the ultimate destination where I find something that works. If I ever do another book, I think that On The Way would be a good title.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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