Road Trip

I will set off on my road trip to New Hampshire with dad tomorrow morning.  First I head out to Great Neck (sister driving me) to meet him and then we drive to a small camp in New Hampshire where he’s staying for a few weeks (that’s a long story).  I wonder if I’ve ever been to N.H.

Being dramatic, I have the idea that this would make a perfect play — confined space for six hours, and the old father and son routine.  We’ve bonded, unbonded, and re-bonded so many times that I have enough material for two Russian novels.  But for all I know, it will be non-eventful.  That’s life.  I can’t ever figure out what’s going to happen.  That’s also probably what I enjoy most about photography and what has kept me interested all these years.  It’s the things that surprise me that are most satisfying to photograph.  And at least in New York – there is an unending stream of surprises.

I’ll probably be out of communication for a day or two (no wifi or cells work at the camp). I decided to bring my infrared camera with me.  That’s the most fun part of most trips for a camera person – sitting there with the equipment figuring out what to bring.  Make sure the extra batteries are charged.  Or if you’re smart, bring the charger.  Eventually, I’m going to pick up a netbook – probably the Wind – for trips and for workshops.  It will run Lightroom, and that means I can have it in the field, and transfer images over during a workshop for reviewing anywhere.   It’s lightweight and I’ve only read good things from other photographers who are using it for field work.

Back to N.H.  I’ll be in a house by a lake, and I imagine that infrared should be good for this location.

The return trip:  two planes back switching over in Boston.  I haven’t flown since 9/11 – so all I know is that I should wear clean socks.  Everything is in one camera bag.  I  travel light and hate having to check anything in.   At least I don’t need to worry about taking HIE film through security scanners.  Last time I used HIE (no longer made) I put it through the scanners at the Top of the Rock and had several frames ruined. I remember trying to explain that the film was very sensitive to everything – and that the security guys had no idea what infrared film was.  And now Kodachrome is no longer being made.

“Join us Miles.  Just go to sleep.  When you wake up, you’ll see how great it is.”

Anyway, I’m  looking forward to getting away from the city for a while.

Talk to you when I get back.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. Hi Dave I have a samsung NC10 netbook and it will only go to–1024×600 so will not take CS33 because that needs min of 1024×768 res as do most netbooks so I have been told I have fixed mine to 768 ok but it warns me not to do this-also you have to scroll to see all of pic or edit box etc.
    Gordon I hope tou have a nice break.Best wishes

  2. I bought the Asus netbook last year. It has an 8.5 LCD with 160 drive 1 meg ram and a lot of ports. For its size its quite fast. It does not have a CD/DVD. I have a combination CD?DVD portable writer that stands alone and has card slots for CF, SD cards etc. You can use it as a stand alone and it writes the contents of the card to a CD or DVD. I used it to load programs onto the computer. I’m not sure if its fast enough to run Lightroom but I may try it.

    Have a good road trip!!!!!!!!!!!

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