A Few From Father’s Day

That was one of the more memorable father’s days. I had way too much strong coffee and was making everyone laugh so hard they were holding their stomachs, as was I. Usually when we get together, I’m the one that they’ve got to watch out for since I have a habit of being silly. One of the cards had a stupid 70’s song when you opened it. I got hold of it, and every time someone else opened a card, I opened this one to make it play. Yeah, you had to be there, but it was funny because it was driving everyone crazy.

Next week will be my trip to N.H. with dad. Since we have a habit of fighting right off the bat, votes were taken as to whether we would end up on the side of a road being interviewed by State Troopers. Could happen. We struggle with who is going to control the situation, whatever it is. My father wants conversations to be organized, as if we were in a school. After all, that’s where he spent his entire adult life. I’m usually out-of-control in the sense that I feel like I am entitled to ad lib as needed. And if I get too much coffee in me (as happened on fathers day) – I can pretty much go into stand-up routines. My two sisters, for example, seemed to be competing over who had rented a better summer house. I stood up and in a Mighty Mouse voice began singing about how great my imaginary summer house was.

On top of that, I was doing my shooting about 1/2 foot from everyone with the 30mm, which they absolutely hated, but which I thought would get some sort of reaction, which it did.

When it was over, everyone thanked me for being so entertaining – but while it was happening all you could hear was – get that brother of mine out of here.

I gave dad this shot of him after he received his award from the conference I photographed last week.  He loved it.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

One thought on “A Few From Father’s Day”

  1. Dave,
    the portrait of your father receiving his award is great.
    Although you have (the usual father / son hassles) – it is very clear that you respect and love him.
    Hope you have a good trip

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