Central Park Photography Workshop Announcement

Announcing my first workshop:  The Central Park Workshop for Saturday, August 15th, at 9 A.M.



The workshop is for experienced photographers who would like to see how I work, and are interested in a style which is open to both scenic and street photography.  I would hope to have the emphasis on the artistic choices we make as photographers, and how they’re related to technical choices.  But I don’t expect to explain basic concepts such as the relationship between Depth of Field and Aperture Setting; or why one would use a faster or slower shutter speed.

Some of what I do falls under the category of street photography: candid shots of strangers, and some of my work is purely scenic.  I would hope to cover both, and a few hours in Central Park seems like a good place to do both.  But the itinerary will be as open as my normal shooting style.  Which is to say, that we might end up spending an hour photographing inside the Metropolitan Museum.

This is New York.  Expect the unexpected.  Although I have general locations in mind, there is no saying what we’ll end up shooting.  There might be an interesting street musician in the park.  There could be a race that morning.  When I go out to shoot, other than having an idea of the general location, I never do know what I’ll find.  That is the great thing about shooting in the city…




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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

6 thoughts on “Central Park Photography Workshop Announcement”

  1. Dave, Have you considered creating an ebook of your workflow, from capture to post-processing to print?
    I’d be in.

  2. Bob,
    So much work. So little money. What I would need is for someone else to write and document it and put it together. From an economic point-of-view (something that does concern me) private lessons, workshops, makes a lot more sense. Now I realize that people are scattered all over the world. I would imagine that it would take me six months of off-and-on work to do a project like that, and I’d be lucky to sell a couple of ebooks.

    One thing that has amazed me about Ansel Adams was his ability to write and turn out as many fine technical books as he did. I barely have time to keep up with the print side of my business and find time to shoot. I can only imagine that he had some incredible assistants.

    If anyone lives in New York, is a photographer, and wants to take a crack at it, I would split the profits 50 / 50. But I tell you, it wouldn’t be worth the effort.


  3. As a teacher of thirty years, I hereby welcome Dave into the fraternity of pedagogues. In celebration of his decision to share his skills and insights live and in person, here’s a link to an original song and video by yours truly: amolizgeven.wordpress.com.

  4. Phill,
    Yes. It sold out pretty quickly. I like the fact that except for one person, the others are all strangers to me or at least have never commented in the blog.

    Boogie is also in the video that’s being done mostly about Matt – but that I’m in as well. I just sent the editor a bunch of my shots for the video.

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