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In an effort to make enough money to buy the Mark II, I figured out a way to cut my costs, so I could lower prices with the possibility that I’d sell more prints.  So, how did I do this.

First off, I changed the sizes of some of the prints from 24 inches to 23 inches as the widest dimension.  This allows me to print in landscape mode on the 7800 for most prints (since it has a 24 inch paper roll).  Saves on paper.

For the last few years I’ve been having my mats custom cut for me.  This was expensive.  Again, what I had to do in order to use off-the-shelf pre-cut mats was to change the sizes of the prints.  For example, I had been printing 35mm and dSLR shots at 8 x 12, and having them mounted on 16 x 20 mat.  I found archival pre-cut off-the-shelf mats that would take a 9 x 12 print on a 12 x 16 mat.  So I changed the size from 8 x 12 to 9 x 12, although this will mean a bit of cropping.  But I cut my mat costs in half for this size.

I did the same for a few other sized prints, though they won’t be cropped, just an inch smaller.  Again, savings are good, especially buying in bulk (from DickBlick).  I’ve been using them for years for my other supplies such as self-adhesive linen tape and mounting strips.  So, all in all I was able to bring down the matting costs and some paper costs pretty substantially.

As I’ve learned through the years – this may or may not have any effect at all.  But I have one more ace up my sleeve.  The sale I did definitely brought in more business.  By a lot.  I can’t do that again for all the prints, but I am going to offer a sale at some point on just the larger sizes (the prints that I don’t mat).  Since I’ve narrowed the larger prints by an inch so that most of them can be printed in landscape mode, saving a bunch of square inches of the expensive paper, and since the 7800 has been running smoothly since the last cleaning (at least I know that works) – I feel comfortable doing a short sale on the largest prints and for a very limited time.  Maybe just two days or so.

As the Sundance Kid says to Butch – you just keep thinkin’ Butch.  That’s what you’re good at (haw haw).


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Lower Prices”

  1. If you get the 5-II I have a 28-135 IS which I will donate to the cause. It’s a superb lens in perfect condition — and I can’t stand using it (don’t know why6).

  2. That is wonderful; though I don’t know if I would use it either but I’d certainly give it a try (not being a big fan of zooms). I have the 70-300 IS which I rarely use. Anyway, I think tomorrow I’ll put up my selection of large prints for sale, just to see what happens. If it works half as well as the last sale, that may put me in the position to get the 5D Mark II. I still find it fascinating that the body is listed as out-of-stock everytime I check at B&H. I only mention B&H because I have a resale certificate on file with them (no New York taxes).

    Wonder whether I could get anything for the 40D to help the cause. I have a check coming in from a design firm for $1500. I always find it ironic that now that I’m out of the business world, I have to scrimp and save for each camera. When I think of how much I spent at B&H when I was making big money – I could shoot myself.

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