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I had to give up with the wordpress widget I was experimenting with over the last few days. Too bad. Good idea, but not quite ready for prime time yet. So instead, I’ve gone back to my old eBay account and added the limited edition of the Skating Rink shot to an eBay Widget and put it on the home page. They have lots of different widgets (if that’s what they’re called) but they’re too wide for the side bar. Also – as always – this sort of embed object won’t work at a wordpress.com blog (like this one) unless you host it somewhere else that is okay with wordpress.com

I remember there was a way to do this – maybe it’s under the video tab.  Through voodoo or something like that.  I’ll look into it later if I decide to stick with the idea.

I’d  have to make the store  sidebar larger if I’m going to have this sort of guy in the sidebar, and that means making the entire width of the storefront wider than 1024 which is what it is now.

So anyway – if you’d like to pick up an early edition of the Skating Rink (still below number 5) or just want to see what the eBay widget looks like – go to the store home page. The one thing I learned from my eBay experience (it’s over two years since I sold there) is that you need to pay a lot to get seen there and of course everyone wants a bargain.

So my idea this time around is to offer a couple of  new prints from this site once in a while, and that will be where the exposure comes from.

P.S. I haven’t set up the shipping for international sales for this one – so it’s U.S. only.  FYI 2 of the 5 prints I stuck up in the experimental widget sold for 1/2 price.  So you see I can’t do this sort of thing for a lot of prints without going broke, but it’s a good way to generate a bit of buzz.


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