I Won First Place

Yes, I won first place in the Central Park Winter Photo Contest for the Skating Rink photo.  Here’s a link to the photo and announcement.

The winning photo.

And here are the judges.

Frankly, after finding out that I was in the top 3 finalists a few weeks ago, and after submitting a bunch of legal stuff – I didn’t hear from them.  Maybe the announcement went into my spam box.  But this morning, just for the heck of it, I did a search on their site and sure enough – there was the announcement.  I think I’ll get some lox this morning to celebrate.


13 thoughts on “I Won First Place

  1. Thank you all. And as far as what Lox is – smoked salmon. An expensive delicacy popular with Jews. Usually combined with cream cheese on a bagel.

  2. Ah, NYC bagels. Yum! Mind you here in Ireland if you were to win a competition, you might go out and get locked, which is not quite the same thing 😉

  3. hey dave-
    “maybe I’ll win the contest and then I’ll become so famous for this shot that I’ll be noticed by some museum that will want to buy the picture and finance my travels and buy extra special food for the cat…”
    Hope the above comes true!

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