Bodega Cat


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

4 thoughts on “Bodega Cat”

  1. When I saw it today morning on my pda I decided I have to comment on this. Excellent image Dave. I love especially the eyes and blurred half transparent body.
    I wish you nice day when you wake up.

  2. It was a tricky shot with the cat in a dark spot (it is a white cat) and me shooting through the bars of the closed bodega, barely able to see the cat well enough to focus with everything dissolving because I was so close with the 50mm and I was barely certain I got anything. For the first time I actually had to manually focus since the camera refused to even see the cat but would only focus on the bars, or on the reflection. But I was very happy when I looked at it later in LR and saw how it was dissolving.

    Yes – that is one magic cat.

  3. Am I the only one that can see a lion face (eyes and nose) in the middle right part of the cat? The lion’s left eye is just underneath one of horizontal metal grid.

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