7800 OK

Since I’m always writing in disgust when I have a problem with the 7800 or the 4800, I thought I’d write something nice about the two guys.

After cleaning the rubber wiper,and the pads that are on the right side (facing the printer) where the head normally rests, and waiting about two days for whatever ink was left on the underside of the print head, both machines are as good as new.  I feel more comfortable now, that at least when I do get ink smudges, whether they are being tracked by the printhead, I know what to do.

There are other issues that come up, such as starwheel marks, or roller marks – that those things I’ve learned to fix a long time ago, either with a cleaning or by readjusting the distance between the printhead and the paper (with certain thick papers such as the Crane/Museo Silver Rag.)  Paper thickness should be set to 0.5 with that stuff.

So I’m really whipping through the prints today.

The other device I came up with, are drying boxes for the cut sheet prints.  When the box they came in is empty, I cut small holes in the top, not enough to let in any cat hair etc. but enough so that evaporation and air flow can take place, and this works fine.  However, with a big print, if a cat hair sticks to the ink while the print is going through the printer – there’s no way to fix that and the print is ruined.  If you try to take it off, it always leaves a mark.

The other thing – is to use one of those swifter dusters, and really keep any part of the outside of the printer that comes in contact with the paper absolutely clean.  This means giving it a good dusting every few days.

I also changed my shipping calculations so that I have three groups of destinations: Australia, New Zealand; Europe, and Canada.  The thing that was killing me – those shipments to Australia.  The Fedex charge for a packaged flat print, or even for a tube, is about $90.  The same shipment to Canada might be say, $45.  And to Europe, about $65.  So what I had before were pricing based on Europeans deliveries – but I started getting orders from all over the place and I had to readjust the charges.  I also don’t have that business of if the total cost is more than a certain amount, I’ll eat the shipment charges.  That was murder.

It’s true that I guess I could do better with the Post Office, but the local post-office is a horror, and I just can’t stand on line, and I almost always seemed to have the wrong form filled out.  I know you can do it online, and I guess wait for a pickup, but I’m already stuck in the house too much just waiting for regular print paper shipments etc.  No, I’ll stick with Fedex.  Haven’t had a single problem with them as far as overseas shipping goes, but as I say – it’s expensive.

So you see – I began the post by writing about the fact that the Epson printer issues are solved; and ended up griping about postage.  Well – what else are blogs for if not to gripe.  But with orders coming in, and still having a chance to shoot, I’m starting to feel back in the groove so to speak.


And now for your daily grammar question: Do you say, “20% discount off all prints,” or “20% discount on all prints.”  Frankly, neither one sounds correct to me.  Maybe it should be: All Prints – 20% discount.  Or 20% savings on / for all prints.

This sale will be over soon, so it doesn’t matter.  But I like the little countdown widget very much, and I’ll make it a practive to do short sales once a month when things are slow.  So I need to know how to write  that copy.  Copy writer!  Where is my copy writer?  Out gettting drunk again.  Just like all writers.


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7 thoughts on “7800 OK”

  1. Its also been a good week for my Canon i9900. Got it cleaned up and no more ink spots. Have decided that for my upcoming birthday in June (turning 53, OH MY!!!!!) its time for a better printer. Maybe the Epson 2880. Not sure of Canon or HP has anything as good as the Epson.

  2. Craig – only thing is – the ink cartridges are very small on the 2880. I’d go for a machine that can take larger cartridges as it pays for itself in cheaper ink costs. Look at a 38xx or 48xx printer instead.

  3. Size of the thing may be an issue. 3800 seems quite big but I am considering it.


  4. FYI:
    My local post office is a horror also, but one block away is an office supply store with a USPS post office counter in the back. It’s a quick and pleasant place to mail packages and buy stamps.

  5. Another option is to use other carriers (UPS or DHL) for international. It may be cheaper but not as convenient.

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