Poet’s Walk is almost

sold out in the limited edition size of 11 x 14.  I have about 15 let to go, and that will make the 100.  After that I’ll still sell it in the other sizes, but no more numbered editions.  I hope that doesn’t put me out of business 🙂

When I get down to the last ten prints, I’m going to raise the price.  That’s for sure.

And as far as the 20% sale goes – yes it was / is a big success.  And of course that surprised me, but maybe it gave people just that extra little nudge they needed.  I expect that it’s a good idea to do that sort of thing on a regular basis, but not for as long a time period.  Maybe a three day sale, or less.  Of course since I don’t have a spot for the customer to say why they decided to buy a print, I don’t know for absolute sure, but I can say that I’ve gotten at least one order per day and sometimes more since the sale began.  And before that, things were dreadfully slow.

So it is about the money.  Who would’ve thunk it.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.