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My friends – my outing was not fruitful.  I was at a small quad theater.  A number of issues:

1) It’s a flick for kids (Aliens v. Monsters) and kids with their parents, not easy to do in this situation.

2) The glasses are no longer red / blue but are polarized with slight tints, and the effect is different from the paper glasses

3) I couldn’t find a place to situate myself.  Only spot to stand up and shoot from is the center aisle; so you are standing right in the middle of the theater with the bright screen behind you.

4) Towards the end of the movie, at least maybe the last 20 minutes, someone from the theater sits in the back to collect the glasses.

5) The 450 could not focus quickly enough in this darkness, so I shot manual.

(Oh – the movie.  Once you took off the glasses so that stuff wasn’t flying at you, it was just a cartoon for kids; with a moral – of course.  Neither complex, nor idiotic. )

6) The ready light is blinking on the back of the flash.  I kept my thumb over it when I did manage a couple of shots.

I could go on, but to do this Weegee sort of shot you need permission and I would say a much larger theater, with an apron – some space between the front rows and the audience.  So I post a shot or two just so you get the idea of the difficulty (oh, and the theater was only maybe 1/3 full) which was the final problem.  All that being said, here’s a shot or two:


It was so dark, that I could just make out shapes as I shot.  I definitely didn’t see that the kid didn’t have his glasses on.  And the guy below – I thought there was a kid with him, but I don’t see same in picture.



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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “At the Movies”

  1. I took E to see this movie a few weeks ago and it was in a big theater and it was totally packed. You’ve got to go the first week to see these films. The next 3D movie is suppose to be “Terra” something about a battle for earth between insect looking creatures & humans…

  2. Fini. I’m done with this. Going back to just taking pictures. Once I saw the glasses – it was all over for me. Plus they’re all kids movies. And this one gave me vertigo. I’d rather go on the coaster at Coney than see this stuff popping out at me.

  3. love the kid’s pose – he looks completely non-plussed and the glasses are perched atop his head as if he could care less about the 3D.

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