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As I was fooling around with the conversions of ebooks from one format to another, it struck me that it would be quite easy to actually publish my own e-book, maybe best of the blog or something along those lines as a test.  I could even have the images scaled down in the process to fit the Sony or the Kindle.  And this brought me to another realization, in the future, books and manuals could be easily published, only as ebooks by the authors.

Yes, it’s true that to some extent this exists already with the PDF, but they’re a pain to read on a normal computer screen, and not easy to scale.  I could see the day when much like iTunes, there would be website stores, or just free stores, where authors could self-publish without the expense of ink on paper publishing.  In other words, after Blurb, there will be e-blurb.

It seems to me that that would make authoring a very inexpensive task and really open to anyone with something interesting to say.  The trouble, and this is always the trouble with self-authoring, is that no one will know about it unless there is money to publicize the book.

I don’t think that the “killer” e-book reader has been produced yet, and that manufacturers are somewhere in the age of say the IBM XT, or maybe the Lisa…  but already, you can subscribe to many blogs in e-book software.  They download automatically to your e-book, and off you go.

I think, just for the fun of it, I’ll do my “best of the blog” in ePub format.  I’ll put a note about it in the blog when I’ve done it.  I can’t say that there are millions of people with ebook readers out there or that it would be downloaded much, but I’ll download my own book and have it with me.  That’s one reader for sure.


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  1. I worry that with all those authors publishing, the pool of good writing will get watered down as no rejection notices would be forthcoming.

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