Proofs now available

This comes under the heading of trying to walk in the potential customers shoes.  Ouch.

I’ve added the ability to order a small proof of an image the customer is thinking about for $20.  Yes, $20.  That covers my shipping and material costs and maybe a bit of my time.

My expectation is that this will rarely be used, but since I think that’s what will happen, and since I’m usually dead-wrong – it may get a lot of use and become a nuisance unless it generates actual orders.  So like everything else in photo web world – it’s an experiment and we’ll see what happens.  And yes, my logo is stuck in critical areas.

To give you an idea of what it would cost to open a gallery in this neighborhood; there’s a small store that’s going out of business on 83rd street, around the middle of the block.  Say the storefront is 15 feet wide, and the store is fairly deep.  They want $6000 per month to rent it.  Can you image what sort of business I would have to do in order to cover that?

You don’t see many art galleries in the neighborhood, but there are almost as many framing stores as there are pizza places.  And some of the framing places are big, and live on avenues as opposed to streets.  In fact, most of them are on avenues where the rent must be even higher than what they want for a location in the middle of the block on a sidestreet.  The m.o. for the framing shop, is that they buy tons of posters at wholesale prices and at least double the cost of what the frames cost.

Some of them will display original art in the window – but most of their offerings are prints.  In addition to prints, they’ll sell as many pieces of furniture as they can squeeze either into the store or outside by the window.  But the system must work since most of these places have been around for years, if not decades.

You can find the proof stuff on the sidebar of the store.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Proofs now available”

  1. Maybe we could open a Burritoville there and decorate it with your “Inkies” $6,000 aint bad if you sell enough tacos…we could bring back the Black & White egg cream to all those who purchase a Black & White print…just thought for food.

  2. Too narrow for a Burritoville. You could only fit one line of two person tables along one wall, and maybe you could fit a total of ten tables in the places (if that).

    It would be perfect for that “studio” that people are always asking me if I have.

    I could rent it for two months and then go chapter 11 and hope for a bailout from the government.

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