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NOTICE: The blog is  a tightrope walk between what is private and what can be made public, and to be frank, to write a diary in public, is  difficult.  When I began this project in 1999, I was inspired by Weston’s journals.  I realize now that he could sit in private and write to his heart’s content, knowing that at some point he could go back and change names, or edit as he wished, and the very last thing was to publish.

The blog as a diary is completely different as people are reading it as you go along.  Not only are they reading it, but if you allow it, posting comments.  It is a weird thing for sure.

Anyway – I’ve decided to review all comments before they get posted so that they hopefully add something to the blog.  If they don’t make it in it can only mean that I didn’t think it was a propos, or didn’t like the tone or just didn’t feel like including it.  This will make it easier for me to write openly and honestly to you.

BTW – you don’t always see comments that I quickly delete for reasons mentioned above.  But this will give me more safety when writing about things that probably should be kept private until someone writes my biography or I’m too old to give a damn, or I’m famous but still in need of money.

At any rate – the point is -like many groups – this one will be moderated by your own whimsical and arbitrary host.

* * * Postscript * * *

There were some comments (much to my surprise) about whether Lester was real or not.  I can assure you that he is absolutely real.  He lives in a small town in New Jersey with his wife, Madeline (Maddy for short) and worked as a token booth clerk for about – what is it – thirty years?  He retired around the time that the metro cards first appeared, but his retirement didn’t last long as he went back to school and became a math teacher.  I don’t think he ever taught any of the more abstract areas of mathematics, but he was and still is tremendous at adding and subtraction.  Almost to the point of being an idiot savant.  If you were to throw a bunch of coins in the air, he could count them, almost without looking, before they hit the ground.

He’s modest about this skill, but if you meet him at a party – bring a book of match sticks and test him.  You’d be amazed.

Well anyway – Lester retired from teaching last year – which is why he has a lot of free time for these trips – and because he is absolutely bored.  He doesn’t have any hobbies other than reading,  and coin collecting.

So – just to put that rumor to bed – he is completely real.  I noticed that in his last comment he said he lived in Idaho.  Believe me, he’s never been to Idaho, and probably looked those two streets up on a google map just to be funny.

What else can I say about him.  You can see he has a drole sense of humor which I don’t have.

I was supposed to be best man at his wedding – but that was the winter that I went skiing for the first time – and sorry Les – but you remember I had a badly sprained leg, which to be honest has never entirely healed.  In fact, lately, when the weather gets frosty, my right leg starts to ache again.

It’s true, that some of the characters that appear in the blog are partly made up – or let’s say based on composites of people I’ve known – but not Lester.  So I hope that clears things up.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

10 thoughts on “A Note About Comments”

  1. “this one will be moderated by your own whimsical and arbitrary host.” 🙂 you’re starting to sound like Mike Johnson, Dave. Keep up the good work, I check back regularly for the writing as much as the photos

  2. I, too, read your site as much for the writing as for the photos, and I’m a nut for your photos. I would defend to the death (not necessarily mine) your right as an author to control your site.

    I would also defend your right to leave it pretty damned vague as to whether your characters are real people or not. To me, Bilbo Baggins is real, especially as retiree.

  3. Dave, I’ve been following your blog for a long time. I think that Les is real; but honestly, I’d almost rather not know.

    Keep up the good work. Fran from Queens. P.S. Got to get the kids supper ready – they’re screaming in the kitchen.

  4. There seems to be a few skeptical visitors to this blog who are questioning my existence. They believe that I am a fictional character created by Dave Beckerman, the blog master, as a foil to Dave’s own character.

    Of course, I realize that if I am indeed real, there is really no way for me to prove it to the readers of this blog, especially as Dave has made it quite clear that he is the blog’s Grand Inquisitor. So you’ll simply have to take it on faith that I am real, that I have known Dave for nearly forty years, and that all of the blog entries I’ve made are those of a living entity entirely independent and distinct from that of Dave Beckerman.

    However, this question of my existence does lead to some philosophical conundrums. For example, if everyone in the world, including my wife, believes in my non-existence, can it not be said that in fact I do not exist? I first encountered this existential problem in kindergarten when I would raise my hand to answer questions and the teacher would never call on me. At first, I thought it was because my answers were invariably wrong, but then I realized that the teacher could not know if my answers were wrong unless she called on me to find out. I was finally able to confirm my own existence when I was absent from school for five months with scarlet fever and the truant officer made inquiries at my home.

    I don’t know if this blog response will see the light of day. That it up to Dave, the Blog Boss. Even if it does, I realize that many of you will still doubt my existence. If that’s the case, I will meet you on the corner of West Barnes Drive and South Maple Grove Drive in Boise, Idaho tomorrow at noon to confirm my existence.

  5. Fran, how do I know you are really Fran from Queens and not Dave pretending to be Fran from Queens? We all know that no mother actually cooks dinner for their kids anymore when it’s so much easier to bring them to Burger King.

    I am, in fact, from Queens and grew up in the housing project across from Queens College. And I knew the real Fran from Queens, Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”), because we went to the same cabana club in Whitestone.

  6. Umm, guys, it was a double-meaninged play on words.

    As in “That Lester, he’s such a character!”

    And also, obviously the possibility that Dave raised that some of his concoctions might be fictional.

    Wow, that worked better than I thought.

    Lester must be real, even if says he lives in Jersey. No one actually LIVES in Jersey, right?

  7. I love you pictures Dave and now I start to read you blog. But is very confuse. Lester is no real, isnt he? I read his jokes of the last supper and laugh too much. But I think you is the very funny man and not so Lester.

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