Gallery, Home or Classroom?

I have been receiving so many requests to come by and a) view prints before buying and b) to take lightroom / photoshop lessons that I’ve decided to take a shot at fixing up the apartment.  If you’ve been to my studio, then you know this is counter to my nature which is something of a slob (picture Oscar Madison).  What will be involved: taking down shelves I’ve been using to store stuff and transform one wall into a showcase for framed photos.

There’s going to be a lot more tossing out of stuff.  A lot more.

Moving some stuff, like my dresser, to the loft area, and a general cleaning and some painting.  Not fun, but I think I should do it.  Maybe not so much for giving lessons, but definitely for potential print customers.

There was a time (in the darkroom days) when I slept in the loft.  Since there is only about 4 feet of vertical space, my biggest issue was bumping my head in the morning on the ceiling.  I suspect that has something to do with my shooting and business style.

I’ll also need to keep at least 30 prints that a viewer can flip through.  So in two weeks of so I should have the place fixed up (and I’m going to have to do something very serious with the bathroom and kitchen) and I’ll put something on the site like: Visits by Appointment Only.

There’s no way to keep prints of everything that’s on the site in all sizes.  But having middle sized prints to thumb through, and on the wall, nicely framed – that should help a lot.

It’s just got to be done.  Gadzooks.  Who would’ve thunk it.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

9 thoughts on “Gallery, Home or Classroom?”

  1. Dave, as I’ve said before, I’d be willing to pay for an online step by step lightroom tutorial. You wouldn’t even have to clean up your place for this.

  2. Eric I’ll be free next week. Let me know what time is good for you and I know I should be telling you this – but what do you think is a fair price? You can emial me offline if you like.

    The place is clean – it’s just cramped. Also – do you have Lightrooom 2.x? A lot of what I’d show you is in the latest version. Best, DB

  3. Ah – Eric is talking about my doing a screen grab video; something I had played around with a few months ago. I may set up a private pay-to-view (or download) section and present lessons.

    Given the ways of the web, I wouldn’t think anyone would pay $5 for tutorials, but it’s one of those things I should try anyway.

    I never know what’s going to work. I put up the Gift Certificate button a few days ago, and I’ve had two orders through it so far. Not bad. And I would think around the holidays it will get some action.

  4. Dave,
    Given that I’m about to purchase Lightroom 2.0 in the next few weeks, I’d be a definite starter for something along these lines.

  5. This gallery / schoolroom was Buddy’s idea. He’ll be running the show from his perch up in the loft. He will not be shaking hands or giving autographs to humans.

    However – he has already told me to offer a discount for good-looking female cats that want Lightroom training and to accept catnip as payment.

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