Cat, Chinese Restaurant


I went down to J&R Music and picked up the Sony 505 reader (they had a very good price).  I had the infrared camera with me, and the whole way down on the train I was bitching to myself that it had been a mistake to take the ir camera since you can’t get anything with it on the subway and I was seeing a couple of good shots; well maybe not that good but maybe they were.

But when I got out at Brooklyn Bridge station, I realized that it may have been a good thing to have the infrared camera with me – because there’s this park across from City Hall with gas-burning lights (supposed to make it look like the 1880’s I suppose).  And lots of trimmed hedges and all that sort of rot.

So after picking up the ebook reader I spent a pretty long time in that neighborhood.  Again, funny how one thing leads to another.  I haven’t decided yet which shot to post from it, so I’ll sit on that for a while and put up this cat picture I took on the way back – on 86th street.  Since I was shooting through a window, I wasn’t sure how the infrared would work – but it did it’s thing.

Oh – as far as the reader goes.  The thing is – it is everything I wanted.  One of the main attractions with the SONY reader was their promotion of 100 free classics.  I’ve downloaded about ten so far (it’s over end of March).  But I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend downloading my fill.  The reader is great.  Easy to use.  Someday maybe I’ll do a write up but the web is filled with that stuff.  Lot’s of nitpicking if you ask me.

The SONY storefront is basically like the iTunes site – only poorly implemented.  So what.  I downloaded War and Peace in about 20 seconds.  It’s on my hard drive, and also on the ebook.  I downloaded Gulliver’s Travels.  That was the first one I started to read (again).  Within 10 minutes I forgot that it was a gadget, and was just chuckling over the preface.  Since I don’t read a lot of modern fiction, most of what I want I can get cheaply.  But first I have to finish War and Peace (yeah right).  I couldn’t finish it when it was in real book form.

I didn’t like the “closed” format of the Kindle, and I don’t need instant access to the book through whispernet or loudnet.  Whatever.  I don’t want keys all over the bottom.  Okay – enough of that.

This is for Rory who likes seeing the contact sheet in Lightroom.

What you’ll see is the basic street photographer’s credo:

Click for the larger version.
Click for the larger version.

–  get a shot in case you don’t get the chance again (first one on left), then get closer until the subject has had enough. In the background, on the crowded street I could hear people whisper: look.  He’s taking pictures of the cat.

And now – believe it or not – I can connect all of this rambling.  The true benefit of the ebook is that my cat does not jump on the bed and want to nuzzle it as he does with a real book.  I can read to my heart’s content without having to keep pushing Buddy aside.  That alone is worth the price.


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  1. I don’t have so much trouble with my cats bumping the book I’m reading so much as I have cats on my computer desk following the mouse as it skitters across my computer screen.

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