Swan Lake – Rockefeller State Park


It was a good day.  More walking up and down than I’m used to.  Cold but not crazy cold in the morning.  By the end of the trip I was walking around with just my sweater on (okay I still had pants).  Now, isn’t that banal commentary on such a place.  The park itself is both beautiful and boring.  At least in the winter.  The really cool places, like the Rockefeller Estate (located in the middle of a private golf course) you need to get tickets and do a tour.   When we got close, Lester wanted to drive around the golf course.  He was obsessed with the idea of someone owning their own golf course and having it so completely fenced in.   We kept going ’round the course looking for ways in until – well I won’t bore you with the circling.

I figured there must be plenty of people with private golf courses of their own.  But he kept ranting about this particular golf course.

We drove into the park proper finally after reading a sign that I tell you up front did not say anything about “no cars.”

We were yelled at later  by the gatekeeper when Lester went in to try and pick up a map of the place.  Turns out it was the same map he already had downloaded from the web.

The gatekeeper wanted to know how we got into the park.  As mentioned, I didn’t see any signs saying “no cars” so I was driving all over what I later found out to be “trails.”  And that’s what the gatekeeper was upset about.  I think he was going to send choppers out to block our way.  According to him there’s one place to park the car and then you are supposed to walk all over the park.   What do I know.  If it’s wide enough for a car and it’s tamped down, and there are tire tracks, then by golly it’s a road.  No wonder a few people we asked directions from while we were driving around seemed aghast.

Bare trees get boring after a while and we left to find what we thought was another part of the park near the Hudson.  Turns out that you weren’t supposed to park there either, but we did (come on you guys, we’re from the city) – and went up a hill to suddenly reveal the river.  Spectacular.  (Will post some later).  And no – didn’t see any swans in Swan Lake.

Only got lost once or twice during the day.  I came home pooped and after doing the backups of the raw files I  fell asleep for a short nap and awoke to find it was dark outside.


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