Croton Dam – Close Up


I’m in pretty good shape now.  I’ve got the 22 inch monitor hooked up to the laptop.  I can either stretch the screen across both the laptop and the big screen, or turn of the laptop monitor and just use the real monitor.  I bought a Toshiba dock which has 6 usb ports, a built in card for the external monitor, and a couple of other things.  So I’ve got like 5 external drives which can be unhooked from the laptop by hitting just one button.

I’ve got one more program to transfer over to the laptop (Dreamweaver) and I’m looking for the serial numbers etc. which is a pain since it was an upgrade and it wants the original serial number which I haven’t dug up yet, but I will. (Since I wrote this I got Dreamweaver CS3 installed okay.  I don’t really know if there’s a good reason to upgrade it).

And business remains good.  I’ve got about 7 orders in the in-box – which is great for this time of year.

Next trip is going to be to the Kaaterskill Falls where the Hudson River Artists did their thing.  The falls is actually higher than Niagra Falls and was the favorite subject for painters like Thomas Cole, Winslow Homer, and Currier and Ives.  There was once a hotel near the top of the falls, but it burnt down a few years ago.  There’s also a spot called Artists Rock – which was another favorite spot for the painters – which is supposed to have some amazing panoramas.  This prob. isn’t the greatest season to be shooting infrared – but I don’t care.  I like the results so far very much.

The only thing is that the climb to the top of the falls is supposed to be difficult and slippery in the winter – so I’m going to have Lester tie himself to me with a rope – so if the worst happens we can go over the falls together.  Just kidding – but he’s in better physical shape than I am – and he can haul me to the top if need be.  There’s a funny story in the book where I’m reading about all these sites, where the authors say it is common to see people climbing on all fours over rocks to get to the top.  And there are a couple of incidents where tourists went over the edge.  But those are rare and happened a long time ago.  Nowadays – no one visits these places much anymore.

I added a category of Recent Prints in the store with some of these new shots.  I have my doubts about sales of this sort of subject matter – since most of the visitors are looking for New York City work.  But whatever – I give it a year and if no one buys any of the new stuff – I just keep it in the blog.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

5 thoughts on “Croton Dam – Close Up”

  1. I don’t know about this adventure. I’m afraid of heights. Maybe we should just pour some water over a couple of rocks and photoshop it.

  2. Chris – all of it. In other words, I began with a theme and constantly make changes to it. WordPress is all PHP. So if I am going to modify it, I work in Dreamweaver and then upload the changes to the site.

    The WISHLIST for example. I started with a plugin which let users pick their favorite posts; and then modified it somewhat so that it did a few more things I wanted it to do.

    When I work in the style.css file – I make my changes – add some classes etc. in Dreamweaver. Same thing for the shopping cart mechanism. That takes me into javascript.

    So the store, as you see it, would be impossible without some good editing tool.

    P.S. I just looked at your new blog. More Sedona please. I guess that’s how people feel about my site. it brought back wonderful memories. I wanted to see every landmark 🙂 And frankly, although I shot there three different times; I think it really only works well in color. Just my opinion, but red rocks – the colors I saw in the sky – I missed all that with my b&w window on the world.

  3. I’m taking baby steps. I started hosting my blog on my .Mac site. Then I experimented with WordPress (their free version). I liked it quite a bit (obviously more robust) then quickly reached their size limit. They wanted an arm and a leg to buy more space, so I got hosting and just installed WordPress there. I’ll be moving the blog itself there as step #1. I’m deeply over my head, but there’s no way to learn without a forcing function (for me, anyway). Thanks for answering the question.

  4. Chris – I don’t think you can go wrong with WordPress (obviously that’s why I’m using it) and I’m exactly the same way: there’s got to be a “forcing function” for me to delve into a new area.

    I think you’ll find you can go a very long way without getting into any serious coding. I just happen to have that background, and still enjoy it (so long as I’m doing it for myself).

    Good luck – and if you run into anything that you think I could help you with – feel free to email me off-line.

    There’s also a lot of good support in the wordpress user forums.

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