My Kitchen Table (450D)


It is amazing.  Not that long ago, Canon ruled the dslr roost with the original Rebel XT.  Now here I am shooting with this 450D, and frankly, after a few hours, it feels like an old friend.  The viewfinder, although not perfect, has come a long way.   And the thing about these cameras (I’m sure it’s true of other brands as well) is that they can be easily configured to the way you like to shoot.  So that LCD that turns on when your eye isn’t at the viewfinder – that was the first thing to go.  Very annoying.  Then a dip into the custom functions, and the camera was setup the way I’m used to shooting with the 40D.   The battery lasts much longer than the earlier models and recharges faster.  I miss having the top LCD display, but man – for the price – and the fact that these are some pretty clean pixels – this model line has sure come a long way.

I’m charging the batteries now for the infared flash.  And tomorrow I expect to be out and around again.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

2 thoughts on “My Kitchen Table (450D)”

  1. I bought 2 Xsi’s recently with the battery grips and almost use them exclusively. Like you say, they have come a long way from their beginning roots. I hardly use the 1ds mkII or the 1dmkIIn I was using. Pretty much because of weight and looking like a papparazzi and standing out like a sore thumb but more importantly the XSI creates some very clean high resolution images comparable to the 1ds mk2 for most uses I put them to.
    Walking around with the xsi, I feel almost invisible with this camara, especially with the (yes, I’ll say it) with the the 18-55/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens. For such an inexpensive lens, it really blows my mind to the sharpness and performance. Another great lens is the EF-S 55-250/4-5.6 IS.
    Have you tried it Dave?
    I’ll tell you, this combo has put my 24-70L and the 70-200L lens in the cupboard for most walk around applications…..
    and did I say I’m invisible out there? yeah, for sure.

    Good light to you Dave.

  2. I had the same feeling of being “more invisible” with this camera. I never bought any of the kit lenses, as I just put the 30mm Sigma f1.4 on, and that’s about it for walking around. But that is pretty amazing what you say about the kit lens (since I also used the 70-200L for a long time). I have the 70-300 IS now and it’s not a walking around lens exactly, but pretty light for a lens that size and damned good. I used it for the Shea stuff recently. And good light to you.

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