Man with a Camera

Last night I was at Matt’s and he treated me to several episodes of a t.v. show from the 50’s called: Man With A Camera.  It starred Charles Bronson as a freelance photographer who got into trouble in every episode and managed to solve the mystery, either with his fists, the camera, or both at the same time.   I think there was only one season of the show, and although I might’ve seen it as a kid, I don’t remember it at all.

But there were shows about photographers, as it seemed like a very glamorous life.  The other one I can think of: Love That Bob.

Anyway – the Charles Bronson episodes always seemed to contain one good line about the life of a free-lance photographer and the ethics and holiness of the profession which if I ever do get to see the shows again, I was thinking I could write down and post in the blog.

I remarked to Matt that I had been doing this freelance photographer thing for a long time and I had yet to witness a murder, or use the camera to solve any sort of mystery.  But maybe that incident is just queued up and waiting for me.  I suppose that mine would be a little less 50-ish, and more like Antonioni’s Blow-Up.  Some philosophical piece about what exists and what doesn’t; and I suppose that Antonioni was familiar with the heisenberg uncertainty principle as well.  It seems that by looking so closely at the film grain, the protagonist may have effected the murder if there was one.

You know how when you look at some of the old shows you think they’re pretty clunky and laughable.  This was right on the line.  There are moments that are as good as anything on t.v. today (maybe not the best paradigm) – and times when they go leaping over the plausibility line.  But whatever – it was fun to see the different cameras that Bronson uses and how a camera can save the world.  For that reason, I’m temporarily paying homage to Man With A Camera by changing this blog’s tag line.


Secrets of the Great One

Matt’s book of darkroom directions brought back memories (not fond ones) of the little pictures I’d draw to remember how to do a particular print at a particular size.  There was nothing more annoying than to get anorder for a tricky print that would sell for the same price as any of my easier-to-do prints…

The new screen is working out after all.  The first day, it seemed all over the place in terms of tint, color, brightness – until I remembered that I still had my one-eye calibration gizmo.  I wasn’t sure how that would work with an LCD screen; but of course as soon as you hook it up, the first question it has is LCD or CRT and from there it was all the usual calibration process and now I’ve got things back to normal (though with a wider screen).

I even took the plunge with XP Service Pack III.  After running the vb program that I think changes something in the registry to tell the bad boy that this is an AMD chipset and not INTEL – I ran SP3 and although it didn’t quite finish…  it sort of died at the end when it said it was cleaning up… I rebooted, and voila – it was a nice clean boot and then it wanted to download another 30 updates which I let it do (I am crazy) – and everything went smoothly.  So I’m back in business.

So I have two more things in the pipeline — the laptop from DELL (supposed to be sent Feb. 3) and they are taking their time with it (close to a month from the date of order to the ship date); and my 450D is in the hands of LifePixel and should be shipped back within a few days.  Once I have the modded IR camera, I’ll be ready for my first day trip to the Hudson Valley.  Even if I don’t have the laptop yet, I’ll have enough CF cards (they are just getting so cheap)for a day trip.

Hey, here’s an idea for an invention (though someone will tell me that it exists already): CF card backup device.  Small device to copy data from one CF card to another.  That’s all.  You take twice as many cards as you are going to need; no laptop; and no storage device; and just dupe the cards so that you have a sort of temporary backup before you head home.


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3 thoughts on “Man with a Camera”

  1. Maybe a TV series more appropriate to our time would be “Photoshopping Your Life”, a (virtual) reality show in which people are given a digital camera and told to document the misery in their lives. Then the photos are altered by a team of Photoshop geeks and psychologists to make it seem like these people are living glamorous, creative, fulfilling lives.

    It would be a cross between “This is Your Life” and “Queen for a Day” (Back in the day, “queen” meant king’s spouse.)

  2. Lester’s on to something here. In secret labs right now scientist are doing such experiments to alter global events using photoshop!

  3. Dave – I don’t remember “Man with a Camera” at all! It sound really interesting. Where did Matt get the video?

    Also, don’t forget, the Canon 450 uses SD cards, not CF. The good news is that they’re even cheaper than CF.

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