New Monitor

Egads, this thing is not only wide – but of course since the resolution is greater than what I was used to working on, I see that there is about one hand’s length on each side of screen that is completely empty (in this blog and in the store).  Now that makes sense since the blog is setup to fit about 900px wide, and the resolution of this thing is 1050 x 1680.  Like I say – egads.  This is going to take some getting used to.  It’s the HPW2207H and it seems quite bright (although I’ve turned it down) and I’m just not used to looking at so much white space.

The desk is less cluttered though.  Well Matt – say goodbye to your old CRT monitor – it’s going in the trash in a few minutes.  I just hope that I don’t get snow-blindness.


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  1. I’ve had an Acer 22 inch flat monitor for about 2 years. It takes a while to get used to but its much nicer on the eyes after a few hours of computer use.

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