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After my Dell flatscreen was delayed several times and eventually cancelled, I ended up walking around in Best Buy yesterday.  I couldn’t get any sales help, but I was able to look at the Dells, and a bunch of other flatscreens, and to my surprise, I liked the look of the HPW2207H (HP 22 inch).  One thing that worked well was that it could be flipped to portrait mode (something I wanted) and it had USB ports; and the overall build quality seemed sturdy.  Anyway, since I couldn’t find a sales person to help me buy the thing, I walked home in the snow (more pictures to come) and went to Amazon and ordered it there ($250)

I’ve been doing a lot of ordering from Amazon lately as their turnaround time is really quick (in this case 2 days with free shipping).

In other news, the night before was my sisters birthday (a big milestone) and I did the thing with the webcam feature (AVI) of the little Canon Powershot 640.  I shot at 15 frames a second, 640 pixel width; and except for the fact that I had to give a little speech towards the end – it all worked out pretty well.

I was able to do the entire evening (which went on for ever) on two 4 gb SD cards (man the price of those things has come down).

Oh man, do I hate (fear) public talking.  I wrote up a two page speech, and then I kept trying to get out of it, so that by the end of the evening I ended up leaving the speech in my camera bag because I thought I had convinced my sister to let me off the hook; but no such luck, and I found myself before about 20 people starting off with…  “I guess I know my sister longer than anyone here… since I saw her when my mother brought her home from the hospital…”

And my heart was pounding.  But I remember thinking – at least my hands aren’t shaking since there’s no paper in them to be reading from.

It was a long minute, but very quickly I got my first laugh – and I began to relax – and was able to give a speech which I think was moving without being too corny; and there were definitely some good laughs in it.  But that is the one phobia I have that has never left me.

I think it’s Seinfeld who says that most people would rather be in the coffin than having to do the eulogy.

Well anyway, I got back to the house and offloaded the AVI files from the SD cards and found my old copy of Adobe Premiere Elements (3.x).  It was acting pretty strangely – saying it was running out of memory when all I was doing was adding AVI files to the project.  That shouldn’t take up any memory.  So now I’m not sure — but I may have to upgrade to what – version 7?  Did they go through 4 versions in the last two years?  Something not right about that…

In the meantime – business remains good – which is to say the inbox is full again and I’m behind in terms of getting prints out (a good thing)…  So far (fingers-crossed) I’ve been bucking the economy.

As far as cameras go — I think I’ll just continue on with the 40D.  I wonder how many photographers have gotten to that point with digital DSLRs where they just sort of feel enough is enough.  Yes, if I had extra money I suppose I’d go after the full frame II… but right now… it just doesn’t seem like a priority.  And the 50D – as I’ve said before – I don’t see that as a great leap either.

I’ll have my Lifepixel modded 450D back in about 8 days or so; and I’m already chomping at the bit to rent a car and start doing my small trips out of the city.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Whassup Dave”

  1. Version 7 of Premiere Elements stinks!!!!!!!
    My son is using it to edit AVI HD video for his Canon HD camera. It locks up, won’t let you burn teh final edited movie to a DVD directly (had to save to hard drive and than burn the DVD) and other crazy stuff. I had version 4 and upgraded because it wouldn’t read AVI HD files.
    Premiere is the only cheap program out there for Windows from what I can see.

  2. Etymology: based on the idea of a horse chewing on the bit (= piece of metal in its mouth that allows a rider to control its movements) when excited or nervous

    i.e. Chomping. It must’ve just been mispronounced somewhere down the line. How does a horse “champ” at a bit?

    No. I think I’m right and everyone else is wrong 🙂

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