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Just to catch you up; I did tons of infrared work with the Rebel XT after it was modded by (72nm). Then I sold it because I wanted some more pixels; and the process really did work so well. The 450D arrived from Amazon in less than one day; and it’s now sitting in the box waiting to go off to LifePixel tomorrow (and I even paid the extra $65 for 5 day turn around).

I have to admit, that little camera does bug me. Hard to get used to after handling the 10d-50d series. I remember having the same feeling when I first got the XT and that eventually that went away.

Muscle memory.

But it makes more sense to get the extra pixels for what are usually static scenics in the infrared world; and where the ability to focus quickly or have a great viewfinder isn’t everything.

Well anyway, there you have it. There’s always compromises. If unexpected money comes my way, then I will end up with the 5D II. In the meantime, these two cameras are a good combination and easy to fit with my lenses in a normal camera bag. It just irks me that they don’t use the same size cards… but there you have it.


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  1. Funny, a friend handed over his XSi to me one brunch last fall and I didn’t want to give it back. It’s around three-quarters of a pound lighter than the 40D, and with its handstrap on it felt like you could walk around all day wearing it without getting tired.

  2. Your comment was interesting in that when I read you had ordered that camera, I wondered whether the size would bother you. I know you shot the other one, but still it occurred to me, especially for someone like yourself who shoots with one camera all the time.

  3. I eventually got used to the last XT sized camera; but I swear, I got a blister on my pinky finger, right hand where it always found itself sort of resting under the body of the camera.

    And I’ll get used to this one as well; though I have to admit that whole thing with the back LCD turning on and off when you put your eye to the camera (I guess that can be turned off) was annoying; and it’s a little bit louder – more of a whine – when the shutter snaps than the 40d…

    As I say – it doesn’t matter since I tend to use it like a view camera and not as a street camera; but I would not have had it out in the snow yesterday; that’s for sure.

  4. ‘Camera Armor’ $40 (I wrote this yesterday with links), but apparently you have a WP module that blocks post with links thinking they’re spam.) Will easily protect against snow and drizzle.

    Anything harder coming down and you’d need something like a Kata/Tenba/Laird rain cover, which are best on a tripod and aren’t easy to use handheld.

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