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And finally a few techie things as I prepare for my travels.

First off (and this has nothing to do with the travels) but the Dell Flatscreen monitor I ordered at the start of the year – they kept postponing delivery – until finally they e-mailed me and said that under the law they would have to cancel the shipment unless I told them it was okay to ship it later.  So I canceled shipment of the 22-inch Dell flatscreen.   I think there’s some hold-up with China or something but frankly, Dell used to be much more prompt with deliveries and then…

the Dell laptop that I ordered, although they said it was in stock and normally shipped in 1-3 days, the current ship date is Feb. 2, and I ordered it a few days ago.  So who knows what’s going to happen with that.  Of course they sent the Wireless Broadband Router out the next day, so I’ve got a router but nothing to route.

And the third piece of the puzzle: I just ordered the Canon 450D (xsi) from Amazon which is the consumer 12.2 mp – my idea being to send that off to LifePixel for my infrared conversion and it is already shipped and will arrive tomorrow.

Damned cheap at Amazon ($569) with $4 for next day shipping.

So for the first couple of nearby trips, I can do it with both cameras and about 20 GB of cards, and I’m only going to do one day or two-day trips to start with in the Hudson Valley.  There are some sites from the 1800’s there that I want to visit.  They’ve got some abandoned railroads and caves in the area, not to mention the whole scenic thing where the Hudson Valley Painters worked.

I signed up with a car rental place that has been sending me coupons for cars at $50 a day, which is very good for the NYC area.

So at this point, I’m really just waiting for the second camera, and I need to finish off about four prints, and the restoration of a print I’m doing for a customer.  It was weird, but in the last couple of days three different b&w restoration jobs came in without my mentioning that I did that sort of thing.  And it is something that I enjoy – sort of bringing the dead back to life again and then doing a good quality print.

Well, let’s see if Dell plays the same delay game with the laptop.   If they delay the thing, I’ll cancel it and get something from CDW.


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  1. Sounds like you are almost ready to go. has some great deals on LCD flat screen monitors. I am going to order a 19 inch for my office. They usually have the stuff in stock and ship it out fast. They also have some great deals on laptops.

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