Trees and Pond, Infrared Film

This was the summer of ’07 when I did all my infrared film shooting. The picture sort of has a life of it’s own on the web; because it was picked up and used by a number of sites; and was the last post for a long time in one of my older blogs. How shall I number thee, let me count the ways… no I can’t say how many blogs I’ve started and finished. I still have the early ’99 journals somewhere since they were just regular html pages. And I did read through some of them a few months ago.

Not very interesting. Useful, to find out what I was doing at a particular point in time, but sort of like reading an old newspaper. I guess the blogs are like that. Sort of little personal announcements that will mostly fade away into the great gaping maw of time.

I like that word, maw – something out of Moby Dick maybe.  What makes that book universal is that we all have a white whale with a maw, though some of us have sense enough to know when to leave well enough alone.

Although I haven’t read that book in ages, I remember the opening monologue very well. The narrator is describing a feeling he gets sometimes, when he’s on land. A feeling that he wants to walk up to people and knock their hats off. And when he gets that feeling, he knows it is time to go back to the sea.

Which is to say, something primitive and uncivilized. And, speaking of uncivilized, the first person he meets is – Queequeg (I’m not going to look up the spelling) who turns out to be a highly virtuous man amongst his so-called civilized mates.

Although people don’t wear enough hats anymore, unless it’s for the weather, I get that feeling sometimes of wanting to walk up to strangers and kick them in the behind.  I do wish that people did wear high hats now and then so that I could knock them off once in a while.  But okay… no hat knocking for now.  And although the picture does have water in it, this is even too rambling a post for me, and that takes a lot.

But, just to show how rambling I can get, here’s a question for extra blog points:

How is this post connected with the movie Rocky?  And this isn’t a trick, or a joke.  There is a connection.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. That’s an easy one, Dave. When Rocky is supposed to be training for the biggest fight of his life, his trainer (Burgess Meredith) finds him fiddling with a camera in the park. The following dialogue ensues:

    Mickey: Whaddaya doin fiddlin wit a camera when ya sposed ta be doin laps?

    Rocky: It’s okay, don’t worry, Mickey. I’m jus tryin ta figure a way ta take infrared pichures of da trees.

    Mickey: Gimmee that stupid camera. Here, I got a chicken wit me. I want you to chase da chicken.

    Rocky: I aint hungry, Mickey. I just wanna take shots of dese here trees.

    At this point the famous Rocky theme music swells accompanied by a montage of Rocky’s stunning infrared photographs. I think this is the connection you’re talking about, Dave.

  2. Yes Oliver. That’s all I was thinking about was that Rocky called his goldfish Moby Dick and that was a big part of the post… I didn’t think about the fact that Rocky always wore the hat — but that’s a good point.

    Rocky picks up the other goldfish bowl and brings it over to the table asking if the other fish want to see Moby Dick. It is a pitiful existence in that opening scene. And Rocky is chasing his own white whale throughout that movie. Even before Apollo Creed steps into the picture.

    Sly was living in a SRO hotel in NY when he wrote that picture and was offered a lot of money for it. But they didn’t want him in the picture.

    He refused to sell the rights unless he could star in it. Tremendous guts. When I was writing screenplays, I regularly sold out my principles for a buck. So I really respect him for having the fortitude he had.

  3. It’s fantastic how these two stories merge with each other. There is an interview with Sly on the Rocky DVD. He talks about his experience, also about the premier. Did you see it?

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