Flat Screen Suggestions

**** thank you all *****

I just ordered a DELL 2208WFP 22 total cost with tax and shipping: $219

Pretty amazing since the last time I looked at flat screens…

**** for your help ****

The 19 inch CRT Sony monitor that I got from Matt is on the way out; bad flickering problems when it starts up; and some other nasty things.  It’s pretty ancient and huge for the display size.

I don’t need anything huge.  I don’t watch videos on it.  I don’t need speakers.  I just need something that I can calibrate to give me a good idea of what my b&w prints will look like.  The Sony CRT has been excellent at this.  And I don’t have much desk space.

Or, if not a suggestion, a place that has reviews for photographers re: flat screens.

So any suggestions for a flat screen that will work with my PC and later when I go for the Apple tower?

Will my one-eye calibration work with a flat screen LCD?

And thanks again for all your advice and help.  I’m moving along quickly now.  I did end up buying one of the LaCie 1TB drives, which I have to say seems to be better built than the WD and One-Touch drives I had been using, and has a zillion inputs that will work with the Mac stuff when I get it.

Happy New Year –

And my New Year’s Resolution: TRAVEL.  That’s my goal for this year.  Get out of the city.  Period.  I can do it now because there are people around to watch the cat; and I’ll end up with some phone that gets e-mail and I web-browsing, and I can keep in touch with the business through that.  Probably an i-phone.

* * * UPDATE * * *

It is now January 12th.  The flat screen hasn’t shipped yet.  I got a note from Dell saying there was  delay and that it wouldn’t be shipped until the 17th or so.  And of course I could cancel the order if I wanted to.  But I’ll let it ride.


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My name is Dave Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City.

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  1. I have a flat screen 22 inch LCD by Acer. Got it at Staples. Think it cost about $200 when I got it 2 years ago. Has gteat resolution.

  2. Hi Dave,
    I recently went through the monitor search, did all the research (you can spend days on that project) and ended up with a Lenovo Thinkvision L220X Wide. Don’t remember the numbers, but it compared very favorably in the specs department and price was good, direct from Lenovo. I’ve been very happy with it.

  3. I don’t know your budget, but I can recommed any of the @better@ lines from Dell or Samsung.

    Last year Macworld.com liked the NEC MultiSync LCD205WXM:


    Forum comments on the review:


    Not available at many places online, so it probably was replaced by a newer model since, but you can still get it for $310 at Overstock.com


    Click-through this Overstock page before ordering and you can get free shipping:


  4. Dave, yes you are right I bought and I have research quite a long time. I did consider the costs heavily and was first considering far better (on paper) monitors like NEC 90UXi series of EIZO CE, but at the end I decided for L200X. Reason low costs high quality 3 year replace service and if there is something which I do not like and it is not feature I could let replace I have less bed feel for 380 euro than for 1400 euro. There is only one a little problem with l200x and that is the fact that it is very bright. Read more here :


    and especially here:


    all the best Dave!

  5. I have used an HP LP2065 LDC monitor for over 2 years now and it has worked out well. It is NOT a wide screen model, which I prefer because I think that the wide screen monitors are poor for viewing vertical photos. It is a 20″ screen with 1600×1200 resolution. I profile it with a Monaco Optix XR device. The only negative is that sometimes it seems too bright.

    I bought it from B&H and it still seems to be available from them for $400.


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