Photoblog Early Days Jan 2001


Yesterday was one of those days in the darkroom where everything went right. Did ‘Equitable and Flat Iron’ which I hadn’t printed in a few years — and found a way to keep the detail in the Flat Iron while still contrasting the Equitable in the storm nicely.

Also did smaller prints of ‘Subway, Overview’ and ‘Two Men on Subway’ and was pleased with both of them.

In the middle of my printing session, my sister called and dragged me out to see ’13 Days’. We both were pretty much bored, and left in the middle. I really need to remember not to see any movie that has Kevin Costner in it. I could remember being a little kid during the Cuban missle crisis and it was a lot more dramatic than anything in this movie. The guy who played Jack Kennedy had no charisma. He seemed to be subsurviant to Kevin Costner’s character. Possibly this was because Costner was Executive Producer.

For some reason, I’ve also dropped badly in my AltaVista rating. I used to be on the second page, now I’m like on the fourth page if you search for ‘Black and White Photography’. The search engines continue to be inscrutible.


Put up something new today — a collection of prints without matting. I find that between the matting and the additional costs for packing and shipping — that its much cheaper to just sell the prints unmounted. I guess Scenic Sampler is not the most original name, but it was all I could come up with. I’m not sure whether it will be worth the time or not, who knows…

Also added ‘Turnstyle #1’, and ‘Midnight, Grand Central Station’ to the site.


Added that little dialogue ‘Prints and the Photographer’ which I thought gave a feeling of what the process of going from negative to final framed print feels like. This morning I removed the scenic sample pack… did not get any bites although from my point of view it was practically like giving the stuff away… i’m thinking of actually putting something together that i could give away for free… One thing that was cool, was that for the phrase ‘Black And White Photography’ I went up to position #1 on AltaVista. I have no explanation for it. Ten days ago I wasn’t even showing up in AltaVista. The search engines are like the new Gods. They giveth, and they taketh away.


After four years, I’ve bought a new computer. Two days of agony getting it setup, but I think its okay now.


Make that three days of agony. Couldn’t get FTP to work for last day and a half. But its working now. I’m always amazed at how much time is consumed by the computer, the thing that supposedly increases our productivity.


The search for carton continues…

The search for carton, in just the right size for shipping my 16 x 20’s and 20 x 24’s continues. Nobody seems to make carton boxes at that size with a depth of only a few inches. I’ve seen large non-bendable mailers, but not in those sizes. So when people order prints, I end up taking a smaller box, and using it flat. This works fine as far as protecting the print, but I end up having to do a pretty heavy taping job on two sides of the carton. It takes me too much time. And it doesn’t look professional. There are some boxes with a depth of five inches, but then I’m stuck putting in a lot of filler and/or bubble wrap. I’ve been making inquires to carton makers, but so far no luck. Lately, I’ve been thinking more about cardboard then photography. I admit, its a nice diversion, but I’m getting tired of it. Who would have thunk it.

I also have to say, regarding the stuff I shot in Arizona a few months ago, I’ve only gotten one or two prints out of that trip that I like. Which is amazing, since I finally thought I had gotten the hang of shooting Sedona. Apparantly, not.

The other day, completely bored, I put a glass plate over the flatbed to protect it, and began doing arrangements of coins, and then pieces of pasta (Rigatoni). Then I put the results into Photoshop and made them into line drawings. Looked like something you see in a microscope.


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