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Just a black and white photo. Not a lot to write about it.


Hi Folks.  I moved this black and white photography blog  to:

Please feel free to visit if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to since this blog came to a halt. Why did I move? Well, I just wanted more freedom with a self-hosted photo blog.


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The Truth


Matt tests whether his Leica is waterproof.


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Darkness at Noon

Another shot I forgot about that I just added to the store. Title is from the book by Arthur Koestler. Still going through scanned negatives… I’m almost done. Maybe another 100 to look at. There’s about 212 in the store right now. That might not sound like a lot, given the thousands of shots I’ve taken, but it is. I want to stop it at 250 images. After that it’s almost like a small stock agency specializing in NYC.



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Willis Avenue

And I really wonder what this building once was. (From the Bronx side of the Willis Avenue Bridge). It has a fancy portico, and looks like it was an government office building once-upon-a-time. It is clear that there should be “no ball playing” but doesn’t say anything about tagging.


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A Piece of Faux

Leather in the water by the curb after the big rain. Of course it never did look like that to the naked eye.  It’s just the result of a very very fast shutter speed.  I don’t know about you but I don’t see at 1/4000th of a second.


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Brain of Photographer


Photographer’s brain on a hot day with nothing better to do than photograph shadows and strange crushed cans that may have held wine at one time in the gutter and follow the instructions that were once on it: Twist to Open.


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Leaf on Asphalt

This is the weather I hate.  99% humidity.  I barely go out, but stay inside bailing out the tray beneath my air-conditioner which still doesn’t drip out the window properly but rather wants to come into the house.  But thank God the thing works, even if I do feel sometimes like I’m adrift in a leaking rowboat.

Anyway. Rain.  And I left the house to take pictures of stuff in the gutter.  This is the easiest sort of thing to do when you haven’t shot for a while.  No meaning. Just design and texture.



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